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DTAC Ultimat™ Tactiles

DTAC Ultimat™ Tactiles combine a high quality finish and flexibility of colour choice with durable UV stabilised urethanes.

These all in one tactile mats are used in conjunction with DTAC Anchor Adhesive, which is specially formulated to provide excellent adhesion eliminating the need for a butyl backing.

The Ultimat™ has achieved R11 Grip and has been tested to AS 4586, AS 1428.4 and AS/ISO 9239.1 series standards.

Tested and certified to:

  • AS 4586 Appendix A: Wet Pendulum Test
  • AS 4586 Appendix C: Wet/Barefoot Ramp Test
  • AS 4586 Appendix D: Oil/Wet Ramp Test
  • AS 1428.4 Appendix E: Design for Access & Mobility
  • AS/ISO 9239.1: Reaction to Fire Tests for Floor Coverings

If you have any questions in relation to the DTAC range, DTAC is ready and able to assist you in getting it right. We can help interpret and apply the relevant standards and codes and design, manufacture and install solutions to your project requirements.