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An Australian company with over 15 years in design and product innovation excellence, DTAC is a specialised team of professionals that focus on producing superior quality products to meet the challenges of Australia’s Tactile, Stair Tread and Edging compliance.

DTAC provides a complete service nationwide, facilitated through our trained experts and DTAC’s certified tactile and edging installers. We design, manufacture and install a leading range of tactile ground surface indicators (TGSI’s), stair treads and edging solutions along with other products for edge protection and handrail tactile indicators (HRTI’s).

We also provide a range of services to complement our product offering including design and layout consultation, access consultancy and risk management assessments or programs.

Our industry leading attention to detail ensures that architects, builders, designers and specifiers make the right selection, for aesthetics and product quality while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Disclaimer: All technical data and recommendations although based upon our research and believed to be reliable are given in good faith but without warranty. It is understood that users will independently determine the suitability of the DTAC’s website content shown herein for their purposes.


When using DTAC products and services, you can be assured that:

  • Products and solutions are designed to meet or even exceed certification and Australian and New Zealand Standards requirements
  • Consultative support including layout and compliance services are provided throughout the life of the project including NCC interpretation
  • DTAC manage the entire project from design and manufacturing to installation using our team of accredited professionals
  • DTAC strive for excellence in design and craftsmanship but also back our products by warranty
  • DTAC is part of the Raven Group of companies ensuring the highest quality products and services


DTAC are a vertically integrated business that designs, installs and maintains their products to the exacting codes and standards of the applicable regulatory body. We have a team of trained personnel all of whom are experienced in the requirements of the relevant standards and codes.

We can help:

  • Interpret and apply the relevant standards and codes applicable to your project
  • Design a solution to your project requirements
  • Manufacture and install products on site

If you have any questions in relation to the DTAC range, DTAC is ready and able to assist you in getting it right. Email a DTAC representative at solutions@dtac.com.au or for a friendly voice you can call 1300 793 478.