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DTAC’s PEMKO® Rugged™ Stair Edging

DTAC’s PEMKO® Rugged™ Stair Edging range has high slip resistance and excellent durability. Suitable for fixing to open grate metal stairs and can be glue or screw fixed on concrete, timber and other substrates.

Manufactured from fibre glass reinforced polymer and achieving P5 Grip DTAC’s Rugged Stair Edging is available in yellow and black, featuring 1500mm and 1800mm lengths.

Tested and certified to:

  • AS 4586 Appendix A: Wet Pendulum Test
  • AS 1428.4 Appendix B: Design for Access & Mobility

If you have any questions in relation to the DTAC range, DTAC is ready and able to assist you in getting it right. We can help interpret and apply the relevant standards and codes and design, manufacture and install solutions to your project requirements.